Monday, June 11, 2012

My Rescued Ladder and My Traveling Quilt

I was able to convince my Dad that the old ladder my Mom hung onto was something cool.   So cool, it needed a new home.  It needed to be cherished. It needed to be at my house.  What? You mean that ladder sitting outside waiting to go to the scrap pile?  Oh no!  It is a great quilt display ladder!!  Go rescue it!  And so he did, but it got a little shorter.  To make it fit in the back of his truck Dad had to cut some off.  Still love it!

I learned my lesson about chippy old shabby stuff - don't touch it.  I found an old metal chair at a flea market that I really had to have.  It was an old bistro chair.  Chippy white paint, cracked wooden seat.  Well I just loved on it a little too much and painted the darn thing.  And to my amazement all the charm of that shabby chair was totally gone.  I gave it to my Mom who made a plant chair out of it. Not sure where it is now.

On the bottom of the ladder is a quilt that was put together by my Mom (Arkansas), Uncle Denny (Nebraska), and myself (Michigan).  It was a fun traveling quilt.  The pattern idea started out with a quilt pattern from a Fons and Porter magazine.  Well at least the center block.  Each of us started with a house whatever colors we wanted.  Then we would send our piece to the next person.  We could add whatever we liked.  And then mail it on again.  I hinted that I'd like a patriotic quilt theme, and this is the end result of my traveling quilt. 
Lot's of fun anticipating what it would look like when I received it again.  The quilt tops made it around twice before coming home again.  I wish I had pictures of the other two quilts to show you.  Very different ideas using the same concept.  Lot's of fun!

I'd love to know your thoughts...feel free to comment!
Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jenny's Purple Flying Geese Quilt

I just finished a lap quilt top for Jenny for a graduation present.  She loves all things purple, so I was able to gather enough 5" squares, cut them in half diagonally and match them to a white triangle.  I added a 5" wide swirly purple border.  I am now on the pursuit to find a purple and white stripe to bind it with, after I quilt it.  I've got about a week and a half until she graduates.  Wish me luck!
It's easy to get the hubs to hold up a quilt for a picture if I guarantee he isn't in the shot.  Thanks hunny!  This lap quilt is approximately 47" by 70" (not including binding).  By now you may be saying to yourself..."what's with the last row on the right?"  It's actually a happy mistake.  I sewed it on upside down making my geese fly backwards.  I just couldn't imagine taking out the stitching again (not my first oops) so I left it, and convinced myself that it was meant to be.  And it kinda works for me.  Jenny will love it anyway.  I don't think I've ever actually created a perfect quilt ever.  Note to self...add perfect quilt to my list of "Future Quilts I Want To Do".   I'll post the finished quilt when I've quilted it.  Have a blessed week! ~Brenda